College Tips: The Waiting Game

So you’ve finished ALL of your applications, what happens next? You wait. Wait for that oversized envelope stating “Congratulations!” or the “I’m sorry to inform you” letter that no one wants to see. There’s not much you can do during this time except enjoy your senior year. If you want to be productive on the college front

  1. Make sure your on track to graduate. Worrying about college acceptance shouldn’t be your main concern if your grades, especially in required classes, are suffering due to a case of senioritis.
  2. More applications. Start looking into additional scholarships and begin applying to receive the financial aid. Some applications can be quite extensive so get started (hopefully you saved the information form your college apps to cut down on the work) so you can finished before the due dates. They also probably require teacher recommendations so give those to your teachers ASAP so they have plenty of time to work on them.
  3. Retake exams.┬áNow I know taking the ACT and SAT are no one’s idea of a good time but you still have time to take these tests one or two more times to improve your scores. Better scores can increase the amount of scholarship money you are qualified to receive.

But there’s not much you have to do besides make sure you can graduate and wait for the day you get those letters in the mail. Hopefully you don’t have to wait too long to find out, I know it stresses everyone out.