Blogging 101: Introduce Myself

I’ve joined this year’s edition of Blogging 101 with the hope that it will give me ideas to write about and help me become a more consistent blogger. So sorry about posting twice in one day but I’m trying this out and want to stay on top of it.

The first assignment is to introduce myself and why I’m blogging. So here it goes. I’m Haley, a sophomore at the University of South Carolina, majoring in exercise science, and a Pi Phi. Most of my previous posts focus on the subject of college and the process involved in applying and later attending. They say to write about what you know and college is a major part of my life right now so I figure its a fitting subject for me to write about. I’ve shared a lot about what I’ve experienced and advice I have for future and current college students.

I’ve also written about some random topics and I apologize in advance for the randomness that might appear in my subjects in the future. I’m not the best at blogging but I’d like to be better because I think its fun and a nice way to put yourself out there in the world.