Puppy Love

A little over a week ago my family visited an animal shelter to look for a new dog. About 6 years ago we went to the same shelter to get our current dog Jasper who is a shepherd/ lab mix that we love.


After about a 3 year campaign of “Jasper needs a friend”, I finally convinced my family to adopt another dog. So we went to the animal shelter because we are firm believers in rescuing animals and giving them the loving homes they previously were without. My sister and I were obviously very excited to find a dog to bring home and play with but I had forgotten how much animal shelters depress me.
Walking around and looking at the hundred or more dogs made me want to cry, as well as buy a farm where I could give like 10 dogs a loving home. As you walk around, some of the dogs bark and beg for your attention but others just lay there looking at you sadly like they’ve seen enough people walking around to know they aren’t going home with someone soon. Like I said it makes me want to cry and become an old dog lady.
We found a dog that we loved, the shelter had named her Ava and she was a cute hound mix. We brought Jasper by the next day to make sure they got along, and then we officially adopted her!! We renamed her Andi because we liked it better and she didn’t answer to Ava.
It’s been a week since we brought her home and she has settled in wonderfully. Jasper and Andi get along quite well (although Jasper is still adjusting to having another dog around) and I am so happy we were able to bring Andi into the family.


I definitely recommend that anyone willing and able to give a dog a loving home adopt one from a local shelter. I mean how can you say no to that face?

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